Wewantmore bio

WeWantMore is a Pop/EDM trio of brothers Kyle and Austin Craichy and best friend (aka our brother by choice) Johnny Atys. The group is known for their high energy music, top of the line music videos and crazy dance moves. WeWantMore was formed in 2014 originally as the KAJ Brothers best known for their EP, Chivalry, known for hits like She Wants To Dance and Love on the Dance Floor. The trios mission goes far beyond making amazing music, their real goal is to inspire their fans to dream big, run after their dreams, and work hard to accomplish them. WeWantMore has set their sights on anti depression as their main focus, "depression is something that effects everybody at one time or another, and it really hinders them from fully enjoying their life" says Johnny Atys, "we want to use our music, our shows, our videos to transport them to another place where they can be filled with joy and forget about all of their problems" Austin Craichy chimed in.

WeWantMore has already received over 1.5 MILLION Views on Youtube, ranked #4 on the AC Top 40 Charts and been performing all over the country. Their new EP, In Love With the Feeling is set to release on New Years Eve and is set to be their best work yet. 

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Donate to the WeWantMore Foundation for World Changers which helps organizations that help kids combat depression, suicide and bullying and helps inspire them to chase their dreams!

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Kyle Craichy

Kyle was born in Tampa, FL on January 6, 1994 and is the oldest of 5 siblings. He first got his love of music at 5 years old when he started playing classical piano and later went on to win 2nd place in the state of Florida 2 different times in his division. Kyle grew up an athlete playing and excelling at every sport he put his mind to with his favorite being football. His senior year, he led his team along side his brother Austin to the State Championship and had several offers to keep playing in college. Upon graduating high school he decided to take some time off of school and work in the family business, LivingFuel and during that time, he started researching how to clear his acne which was really bad at the time he dove into the research articles, doctors journals, scientific studies, learned how to make lotions, creams, serums, cleansers etc. and over the next 2 years of research, trial and error he was able to clear his skin, clear his friends skin and started selling his products called AcneLXR (available on ) to help other people suffering with acne as he did. He wrote a book on the subject called 'Face It: Winning the War on Acne' which was an Amazon #1 bestseller. In 2014, he, Austin and Johnny started WeWantMore (then called KAJ Brothers) Kyle sings, dances, plays piano, guitar and drums for the group as well as songwriting and production. Kyle loves to workout, play sports, video games, travel and hang with friends in his free time.

Austin Craichy


Austin was born in Tampa, FL and is the second oldest of 5 siblings. Austin’s love for music started early. He began to play classical piano when he was 5 years old, which he later went on to compete, and win 2nd, in the state of Florida.

Austin also excelled at every sport he played, his favorite of which was football. Austin helped lead his team (alongside brother Kyle) to the State Championship, in 2012. 

The 22 year old multi-instrumentalist song-writes, and produces for the group, as well as performing vocals, and dance.

Austin has a deep love for America, and the great outdoors. Outside of music, Austin loves to wakeboard, skateboard, climb, play sports, travel, explore, and ride his motorcycle.

Johnny Atys


Johnny Atys was born in Paris, France and is the oldest of 4 siblings. He first got his love of music when he was 4 years old and would begin watching Michael Jackson videos on repeat and start to copy his moves. This love of music continued through the years as he started dancing in a Hip Hop dance crew, 1Pact and won 1st place in France in a national Hip Hop contest. On top of being a world class dancer, Johnny is also black belts and was 2nd in the nation of France in Karate. After graduating from School, with his degree , he and some of his friends formed a French R&B group that started to take off, even getting a record deal offer from Universal Music France which they ended up turning down, instead he moved to Orlando, FL to live with his dad (who is American) and learn more about his American side and to chase the American Dream. Soon after moving he met Kyle and Austin and they became instant friends. In 2014 they started WeWantMore (then called KAJ Brothers) and started to take off with over 1 MILLION views on Youtube, charting #4 on the AC-Top 40 Charts, and touring the country. Johnny sings, dances, songwriter, plays bass and choreographs for the group. In his free time he loves to workout, travel, play sports, watch movies and hang with his friends.